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Family Independence Initiative Case Study
Fardusi Uddin and Adrian Eastmond
October 30, 2016

         Family Independence Initiative just started off with 25 families and is now supporting thousands in America. It continues to grow and will grow because of its unique mission of aiding poor people. It’s not that type of aid where families are being spoon fed, but the non profit’s mission is to use families’ stories to remove the stigma or transform the American societies that are embedded with discrimination, racism, and prejudice, as well as pushing the mobility of the impoverished economically and socially.

         There are three approaches the organization takes to give aid to families. The first one is a database requiring stories of families and their progress monthly on This enables other families within that organization to encourage or give advice to friends, other families, or just acquaintances. Another approach is called the credit building lending circles. This is where families with similar problems or connections form a group and put money in a pot. Each family has a turn to take the needed money from that pot without a financial institution. Lastly, the Family Independence Initiative uses an approach called the character based underwriting criteria. This is where the organization steps in an helps families get loans or scholarships from other institutions based on trust. So, the organization was efficiently able to provide support, resources, and aid to families through these approaches.

       Therefore, the organization uses a need based solution by removing the negative connotations about poor people in society and helping the families by giving the resources they need and the support they want. Originally, Family Independence Initiative was having a hard time to grow when it began. It was because the stigma against poor people was that they were not trustworthy, and incapable, which caused a lack of support and funding.

       Now, as this non­ profit breaks down these stereotypes, it continues to do so with donations, fundings, and partnerships with other organizations. It has managed to increase family savings by 240%, increase earnings by 23%, and expanded 33% of businesses. Most importantly, 80% of the children improved their grades, and 75% of the families are taking steps to improve their health.
These astonishing achievements and the means of achieving them are quite extraordinary from other organizations. Family Independence Initiative basically gives families support, and resources, in which the families use what they need or want. It effectively shows American societies that poor people are trustworthy, capable, and have potential despite being poor. These people can help each other and shift their lives towards a better future.