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This past week, we welcomed Jen Boynton '99 into class via Skype. We so appreciate Jen rising early on the west coast to connect with us. Jen is the Editor in Chief of, a website that features news and analysis on sustainable business and the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit. Jen shared with us her own experiences in starting Triple Pundit, as well as helpful information about forming legal entities for social enterprises. 

As Eli Nicolson '17 wrote, 
the information we received from Jen was some of the most vital to how we move forward in our projects. Both groups are at a point where our idea is well on its way in development, but implementing it is just beginning. I really appreciate how she explained the different types of business classification and it gave me at least a sort of "peace of mind" to at least have a general idea of how a business works as far as revenue classification. 
Abby Mihaly '17, noted that Jen's story was,
 incredibly down to earth. She started so authentically from a passion, and it was great to see how that has grown into something so successful. I loved her statement about how she just threw things against the wall until it stuck, and that was how being an entrepreneur really works, despite what the books might tell you.