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My name is Lydia Smith and I am a junior at NMH. I am a boarding student, and my family currently lives in England. I grew up in a suburb of Chicago, and later moved to Singapore. Because my family has moved around a lot, right now I consider NMH home. I am interested in agriculture and spend a lot of time on farms both at school and in England. This has led me to a certain curiosity about the sustainability of farming, both ecologically and socially. At NMH I also debate, which keeps me aware of current events and causes me to look at issues on a grand scale. I am interested in social entrepreneurship because it allows us to see how these big issues manifest themselves specifically in this community. 

So much of the education that NMH offers is centered around social justice, and while this makes us more aware of social issues, I feel like we are not given the tools to solve these problems, beyond changing our own individual behavior. What we are doing in this course, offers us the tools to not only become aware of the issues, but also to solve them.