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Hi, my name is Abigail Mihaly. I grew up in Montpelier, Vermont and now live in a small town outside of Montpelier called East Calais. I began studying at Northfield Mount Hermon my freshman year, and am extremely excited and honored to be involved in the inaugural year of the Rhodes Fellowship in Social Entrepreneurship course.
With Vermont as the backdrop of my childhood, from a young age I was surrounded by mountains and forests. I’ve always loved to be outside, and I developed this passion further on a NOLS backpacking course this summer in the Wind River mountains of Wyoming. At school, I enjoy the beauty of the Connecticut river as a coxswain on the NMH crew team. I hope to incorporate this love of the environment into the social enterprises we build this year.
My education has been all over the place--from five years at public school, two at a Waldorf school and a year of homeschooling. The most impactful was my 7th grade year, when my family lived in Seville, Spain for a year. Despite my extremely limited Spanish, I was immersed in a Spanish speaking school. The experience of the culture and language immersion completely changed my path of life. I have traveled to Uruguay and Nicaragua in my summers since, and I hope to continue to explore this area of the world.
At this stage in life, my interests are widespread. I love to write, and am the assistant editor in chief of the Hermonite. Music has also been a huge identifier for me, from when I was young. I play violin in the NMH orchestra, and also take solo lessons. I may not know exactly what I want to do, but from a young age, I have wanted, to make an impact on the world. As I have grown up, the things that are important to me have shifted over time. But that central idea of making change has been a constant. When I first applied for this class, I didn’t have a specific project or social enterprise in mind. I applied because I was eager for a hands-on opportunity to apply so many of the things we learn in the classroom every day. I wanted to try my hand at changing a little piece of the world.