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From Abby Mihaly '17

Today was our second "Coffee and Donuts Conversation," but this week we had the incredible opportunity of hosting guest Tanmay Rao.  He presented to our class and about 30 others on his online math tutoring company Ankhor, and stayed during the rest of our class period for a more informal discussion.  His enterprise was impressive and successful.  

Tanmay served as a great resource for the class. We had a great discussion regarding the ins and outs of the creation process of his company.  We were all incredibly impressed that someone so close to our age had such a vision: he started Ankhor at age 13, and is only 19 now.  Although many of us were initially intimidated by this, we loved having the opportunity to have a discussion that revolved around an enterprise that was so real for us.
It is clear Ankhor is something Tanmay is incredibly passionate about. Our class had read, time and time again, about the importance of this unwavering passion in a social entrepreneur. It was fun to see it in someone firsthand, and who was so close to us in age.  

But something that struck home for me was how, no matter how much Tanmay loved what he was doing, he did not want Ankhor to always be his whole life.  It can be hard, as high school students, to read over and over of these social entrepreneurs who know exactly what they want to dedicate their entire lives to.  Tanmay was getting ready to back away from such an active role in the day to day business of Ankhor.  He is about to apply to college, and get ready for the next chapter in his life.  It was great to know that as high school students, we can build something truly incredible, and yet we also have room to engage in other passions, and explore the idea of impacting other pieces of the world.