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The following post comes from Iiyannaa Graham Siphanoum '17 in response to a question about a collective vision at NMH.

As a community I think that we have this mutual goal to be a support system for each other. We try to push NMH to feel like home for everyone, while providing adequate preparation for the bigger world outside the 'bubble.' Since the first time I stepped on NMH soil on my tour, they emphasized the friendliness of the community. They emphasized how everyone smiles and says 'hello' to everyone else. They stress reaching out for help and reaching out to help. We try to help others through services and understand others through diversity events and classes. We try try to build the best kind of human here. Now that's a LOT of pressure. But even still with these goals in mind, there's still much to improve. We critique ourselves. We point out our flaws and we point out when we're being hypocrites. We try to be as just, as equal, as as fair as we can be.