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In our second class, we discussed our need to identify learning objectives for the year. Our fellows examined the syllabus and course materials, and brainstormed in pairs to finish the following sentence.

Students investing fully in this course should be able to:

With some interesting ideas, the teachers worked to condense and edit to four main objectives. These objectives take us from theory to exploration and ideation to building and to sharing and reflection. 

    • Demonstrate understanding of the theory of social entrepreneurship, and distinguish social entrepreneurship from other entrepreneurial and social work.
    • Identify an unsatisfactory social equilibrium, and actively pursue a solution to create a more just, fair, and sustainable model.
    • Use collaboration, teamwork, and communication with classmates and community partners in constructing a plausible and scalable social enterprise.
    • Use a compelling narrative to effectively share the experience of working in the field of social change.

 As a class, we then took some to consider the following:

“I’m excited/nervous/unsure about our learning objectives because…”

Dom Poulsen '17 wrote that,

I have lived in one house, one town my entire life, and feel a strong bond to the people and community in which I grew up in and around. By identifying an unsatisfactory social equilibrium, and finding a solution to it, I can give back to the community and area that has supported me my entire life. I'm also excited to work with our class itself, given our wide range of cultures, perspectives and origins. I think that all these differences will help us come up with, hopefully many, "social enterprises". 
Iiyannaa Graham Siphanoum '17 explained that,
So far this class has been a great part of my week and I can clearly see why the people I'm sitting at this table with are here. I'm excited to see what we are capable of as a team and the relationships we will build coming out of this course...I can't wait for the end of the year when we can look back at what we created.
Tyriq Bostic '17 echoed that sentiment in stating,
The mix of people and stories will make working an amazing experience. When failure is so possible success feels even better and this class feels just like that.

Lydia Smith '17 likewise recognized the great journey before us in writing,
I am curious and perhaps nervous about identifying and solving social issues because sometimes I worry that I lack the creativity necessary for these endeavors; but that being said, every great agent of change must have had their doubts. 

And with all of our doubts and convictions and passion for change, we are excited to continue our work together now knowing what we are looking to achieve. Keep following our developments here, and we look forward to sharing our work with you all.